Make Your Pledge Today!

Our Goal

Raise $2.5 million for the LLCC Endowment Fund

Our founding trustees had an amazing vision for what a community college could offer this area. We honor our history, treasure our past, and are excited about what lies ahead. Now is the time for us to Grow Beyond.

We are embarking upon a major endowment campaign, a campaign that is critical to student success. A robust endowment fund plays a major role in our ability to create flexible, state-of-the-art learning environments, respond quickly to new initiatives, and directly assist students through scholarships and emergency, short-term help.

Excellence abounds in and out of our classrooms. LLCC faculty and staff are difference-makers in the lives of students. Lincoln Land is now, more than ever, a prominent presence in our communities; an innovative collaborator with other colleges and universities; a respected partner of businesses and organizations; and a champion of the mission to which our legacy calls us. Whatever the educational challenge, the tradition of the Foundation Endowment Fund has been one of stepping forward to answer the need. I personally invite you to help us Grow Beyond and ask for your generous participation for our students.

Charlotte J. Warren, Ph.D.
President, Lincoln Land Community College