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Throughout the years, more than 41,000 individuals have earned associate degrees or college-level credit from Lincoln Land Community College. Many were directly impacted by the generosity of our community friends. Private support is vital to creating flexible, state-of-the-art learning environments, responding quickly to new initiatives, and assisting students through scholarships and emergency, short-term help.

Because the LLCC focus is on helping every student succeed, our current Grow Beyond endowment campaign is critical. These funds meet the greatest needs, whether a student is pursuing an associate degree or certificate to transfer to a four-year institution or training for a new career.

Not only do funds from our endowment campaign support vital needs, they are very much appreciated by the recipients — 80% of students say they would enroll in LLCC again, and 73% say LLCC was their first choice in a college.

LLCC is exceptionally proud of its affordability and lack of student debt. Only 11% of our students need to take out loans. Long term, this is a significant factor for an LLCC degree or certificate generating more than a 24% return on investment.

As we near the 50th anniversary of the college, I ask that you consider linking your name to the college’s future by giving to Grow Beyond. The opportunities your philanthropy will make in the lives of our students are boundless.


Charlotte J. Warren, Ph.D.
President, Lincoln Land Community College

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