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Our Goal

Raise $2.5 million for the LLCC Endowment Fund

I give because I passionately believe in Lincoln Land Community College and helping students succeed. As a first-generation student, I understand the challenges of balancing classes and work and am appreciative of the support I received during my college years. A little over a year ago, we launched the Grow Beyond endowment campaign, which recently passed the $1.5 million mark in donations thanks to generous community friends.

This philanthropic support plays a major role in our ability to create flexible, state-of-the-art learning environments, respond quickly to new initiatives, and directly assist students through scholarships and emergency, short-term help. We are able to change the lives of many through quality education.

Our faculty and staff are national leaders in their specialty areas, our program accreditations tout the success and quality of our programming, and we continue to develop new, relevant programs. Lincoln Land is now, more than ever, a prominent presence in our communities; an innovative collaborator with other colleges and universities; a respected partner of businesses and organizations; and a champion of the mission to which our legacy calls us.

Students tell us we are their first choice and first step in higher education. I invite you to join me and assist these students. Help us reach our goal of $2.5 million, so we can continue to provide, for years to come, quality educational programs and services that are accessible, affordable and responsive to community needs.

Best wishes –

Charlotte J. Warren, Ph.D.
President, Lincoln Land Community College

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